Handling Emergency Repair Issues Part of Property Management

Handling Emergency Repair Issues Part of Property Management

No rest for the wicked. When it comes to the property management industry, this slogan holds true. Property management in Northern Colorado and elsewhere is a round-the-clock, 24/7 business. Those property management companies asleep at the wheel are doing detrimental damage to their reputation and portfolio.

Emergency repair issues

With over 40 years property management experience combined, Trademark Property Management Group understands the importance of being proactive and having a proven emergency contingency plan in place to deal with unexpected and emergency repair issues.

One way to ensure that a property management company is in an optimal position to handle unforeseen repair issues is by partnering with an established and trustworthy maintenance contractor.

Yes, cost matters. But if you’re only factoring price into the equation when negotiating with a maintenance contractor, you may be opening your company and properties up to even more financial headaches down the road. That is why it is all the more important to emphasize quality when looking to employ the services of a maintenance contractor. Value is of the utmost importance.

Developing trust and solid relationships with skilled labor and contractors can end up saving you and your investors a lot of money down the road.

“Developing good communication has and will always be a hallmark of Trademark,” said David Rand, CEO and Managing Partner of Trademark Property Management Group. “It’s important in every aspect of this business, but it is vital when you are working with repair contractors and skilled labor because time if often of the essences. The last thing you want is to have a repair issues continue to fester up.  The quicker and more efficiently you can get it taken care of the better off you will be.”

Another best practices’ technique when dealing with property management emergency repair issues is to make sure that tenants and office personnel know what to expect when reporting a maintenance issue or emergency. Always remember that tenant issues should be dealt with swiftly and timely. In the case that your contractors are not available have a backup plan in place to handle an urgent request.

Experience the Trademark “Recipe for Success”

At Trademark, we continually strive to maximize value and satisfaction for the investor and the tenant. Trademark is able to achieve this through unrivaled customer service and personal attention, catered to meet every client’s specific needs. Trademark offers a full menu of property management services that include: Commercial, HOA and Residential Property Management services throughout the Front Range. Contact Trademark Property Management Group today to set up a personal consultation with a proven Fort Collins property manager.

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