Sage Meadows of Wellington HOA Inc.

Sage Meadows of Wellington HOA Inc.

Welcome to Sage Meadows Subdivision of Wellington

Governing Documents

Articles of Incorp_Sage Meadows Wellington

Declarations_CCRs_Sage Meadows Subdivision

Bylaws of Sage Meadows of Wellington HOA, Inc 8-29-18

Unanimous Consent to Action of Executive Board 8-29-18

Policy for Addressing Disputes with Owners 8-29-18

Policy for Collection of Unpaid Assessments 8-29-18

Policy for Conducting Association Meetings 8-29-18

Policy for Handling Conflicts of Interest of Executive Board 8-29-18

Policy for Enforcement of Covenants and Rules 8-29-18

Policy Regarding Inspection and Copying of Association Records 8-29-18

Procedures for the Adoption and Amendment of Policies, Procedures, and Rules 8-29-18

Reserve Policy 8-29-18

Design Guidelines and Request Forms

Architectural Control Handbook_12.2018

ARC Request Form_Homeowner_8-21-19

Examples of Sage Meadows Pool

EXAMPLE_Pool Landscape

EXAMPLE_Pool Rendering

Sage Meadows Sample Slide


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Meetings & Minutes

Sage Meadows HOA Board Meeting Minutes 7-10-19 Draft

Sage Meadows HOA Meeting Packet_7.10.19


Sage Meadows General Liability Insurance_10.28.19-10.28.20

Sage Meadows Commercial Property Insurance_10.28.19-10.28.20