Trademark Acquires Alford Meadows as HOA Client to Open 2018

Trademark Acquires Alford Meadows as HOA Client to Open 2018

Alford Meadows
2508 Dallas Court – Fort Collins

The New Year is less than 20 days old and Trademark Property Management Group already has hit 2018 running. The innovative and all-compassing Northern Colorado property management company recently acquired Alford Meadows as an HOA client.

The partnership forged with Alford Meadows is exciting for multiple reasons. First and foremost because the 388-unit development is located in a picturesque Loveland neighborhood, providing walking trails, parks, sitting benches, a community swimming pool and 32 acres of wide open space geared toward allowing families to maximize Colorado living.

“It’s a great Northern Colorado community,” Trademark CEO and Managing Partner David Rand said. “We are very excited to have acquired this client. It’s a relationship we’re excited about developing and cultivating. Alford Meadows further signifies it’s going to be an exciting year for us at Trademark.”

Alford Meadows is equally excited about utilizing the Northern Colorado property management company’s acclaimed HOA services. Though less than a year old, Rand and Trademark COO and President John Stamatakos have an accomplished track record of employing innovative and proven HOA services.

“I think a big thing that draws owners and clients to Trademark is because of our commitment to maximizing value,” Trademark COO and President, John Stamatakos said. “The best ingredients we have found for this to occur is through keeping communication lines open and identifying the best solutions tailor-made to fit each client that comes on board.”

Experience the Trademark “Recipe for Success”

While Trademark is relatively new to the Northern Colorado property management industry, opening its doors in February of 2017, Rand and Stamatakos and team have a combined 40 years of property management experience between the two – much of it coming in Northern Colorado.

Trademark offers a full profile of property management services throughout Northern Colorado, which include: Commercial, Property and HOA management services. Contact Trademark Property Management Group today to set up a personal consultation with a proven Northern Colorado property manager.

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